Crossfire Hack
Crossfire Hack
Features Crossfire Hack ( All Versions )

- Autobot
- AimThru( Distance, Automatic, Crosshair )
- AimAt( Head, Neck, Spine )
- AimKey( Customizable )
- AutoSwitch
- No Recoil
- No Spread
- Name
- Distance
- Box
- Health
- 2D Radar
- Ignore friends
- PlayerChams
- XQZ Wallhack
- Draw Fps
- Draw Time
- Draw Resolution
- Crosshair (6 different types of crosshairs (color customizable)
- Menu position( X, Y )
- Menu Width
- Radar position( X, Y )
- Radar fade
- Save/Load to/from 6 different slots!
All Version- Crossfire Hack
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Once You hace downloaded the Loader
It will ask For the Game Version
That You are playing on
I Play Crossfire N/A
Once You have downloaded the Loader
Run it As adming
And Choose the Version
Of Game You Play and
it will download the settings
And Files For it From Our secure Server

Instant Activations
No Adds No Bugs

X-Trap Safe

101% Secure - Detection Rate is 0%

Download The Hack And Run The Game.

Once You are In game Press Inser KEY or Delete And Menu will Pop Up
Turn On the Settings And Play.
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Instant Activation After the Download. Very Easy to Use.

New Features Added ( We always Working for more features )
No Nade DMG-
Go in Wall ( mutant Mode Maps )
Super Jump ( Jump higher than Normal )
See Ghost ( and Silent GHOST )
Under Map ( Tele Port ) Wall Hack
Respawn ( instant )
SPAM (BOT in LOBBY) Random Spam With Your Words.
Crossfire ( NA ) Z8games
Crossfire Hack
*** FEATURES: ***
Mutation Mode
Auto Target Switch
Visible Check
Protection Check
Display Target
Trigger Bot
Remote Kill (currently disabled due to an unsolved bug)
ESP Name
ESP Weapon
ESP Bone
ESP Line
Weapon Hacks
No Spread
No Recoil
No Weapon Weight
No Sniper Scope Overlay
No Hit Penalty
Fast Reload
Fast Weapon Change
Supreme Range
Full Wallbang Damage
Weapon Damage Hack
Grenade Damage Hack
Shotgun Spread
Knife Speed
Knife Range
Roundhouse (360°) Knife
Memory Hacks
No Flash
No Smoke (currently disabled)
No Fall Damage
No Glitch Damage
Disable Chat Block
Show Ghosts
Shoot Through Walls
Master Ghost
Auto Mutant HP Refill
Fast Bomb Defuse
Distant Bomb Defuse
Disable Cussword Filter
D3D Hacks
Light Chams
Texture Chams
Overlay Chams
Ghost Chams
Phantom Chams
Glass Walls
Crossfire Hack
Crossfire Aimbot 173 Kills & No Deaths
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